FICIX requests proposals of new switch and router hardware

FICIX has started the planning to renew the IXP switch hardware in FICIX3 (Oulu) and the BGP peering router used by FICIX (AS60116) in FICIX2 (Helsinki).

As the first steps FICIX has published two Request for Proposal (RFP) documents:

  1. FICIX RFP 4.9.2017/1: IXP switch hardware to FICIX3 (Oulu) and related operating services
  2. FICIX RFP 4.9.2017/2: BGP peering router to FICIX2 (Helsinki) and related operating services

Possible offers and proposals must be sent by the 25th of September 2017. Bidders may request the more detailed RFP documents by sending e-mail to The material is available in Finnish only.