FICIX newsletter 7–Feb-2019

FICIX newsletter 7–Feb-2019


1. Summary of 2018 hardware changes
2. AGM & Workshop 2/2018 outcome
3. Prices and fees for 2019
4. New board 2019
5. Preparations for AGM and TAG 1/2019

1. Summary of 2018 hardware changes

FICIX3 switch were replaced with the new one and Netplaza Oy was selected as a service provider.
Reseller model is now available also in FICIX3.

FICIX2 peering router were replaced with the new one and the maintenance was outsourced to the Viria Security Oy.

.fi-ccTLD nameserver was installed to the FICIX3 site. Now every FICIX site has own .fi-ccTLD nameserver.

2. AGM & Workshop 2/2018 outcome

Members meeting 2/2018 had 20 participants in total representing 14 votes.

The meeting approved the board proposal for a FICIX1 switch replacement. The new FICIX1 service operator will be Elisa Santa Monica.
The Board was also authorized to use the FICIX2 switch replacement option offered by Elisa Santa Monica.

The meeting decided to lower port prices as in previous years. New board was also elected.

FICIX workshop 2018, held just after the AGM 14.11.2018, attracted some
39 registered participants. Topics for workshop was protecting critical infrastructure,
website load testing with software robotics and address hijacking phenomenon.
FICIX thanks all speaking guests for excellent presentations.

Meeting notes from AGM 2/2018 as well as workshop presentations are now
downloadable from FICIX intranet.

3. Prices and fees for 2019

AGM 2/2018 confirmed the following fee’s for 2019:
Joining: 0e OTC (free of charge)
Service fee: 100e MRC (monthly recurring charge)
1G port: 70e MRC
10G port: 400e MRC
100G port: 445e MRC
100G additional port n x 100G LAG-link: 80e MRC
Virtual port: 20e MRC
Private VLAN: 0e MRC

Optical Panel at FICIX splice cabinet (48 fibers): 800e OTC and 20e MRC
(available at FICIX1 and FICIX2 premises)

4. New board 2019

Members meeting 2/2018 elected the following persons into executive board 2019.
Board positions, other than the chairman, were assigned at the first board meeting.

Antti Siivonen, chairman
Jussi Sahlberg, vice chairman
Panu Rissanen, treasurer
Tommi Linna, secretary
William Lindén, member

The following roles were assigned at the first board meeting:
Panu Rissanen, billing
Tommi Linna, members
Jussi Sahlberg, datacenters
William Lindén, services

The board can be reached by email: <>

5. Preparations for AGM and TAG 1/2019

Arrangements for members meeting (AGM) 1/2019 and FICIX Technical Advisory group (TAG) 1/2019 have started.

Time: Wednesday 10-Apr-2019
Place: Radisson Blu Seaside (Ruoholahdenranta 3, 00180 Helsinki)

The both events (AGM & TAG) are held on the same day. Please mark your calendar NOW.

AGM part of the meeting will be for members only, and TAG is a group of people that assist the board
with various issues regarding IXP technical choices and practises.
Group is open for everyone interested from member organisations, please send
email to chair ( if you want to join the group!


Antti Siivonen
Chair, FICIX ry

FICIX board –